Candidate Assessment

Our assessment techniques has helped some of the world's biggest commodity companies discover the next generation of commercial talent

Assessing commercial ability is difficult and not something that you can do by just looking a CV or interview performance. Over ten years Smart Global has developed a robust and consistent assessment methodology to help identify at an early stage candidates with strong commercial potential.

Smart Global can deliver candidate assessment days at a location of your choosing to assist you with your recruitment initiative. These days will typically have a number of interactive exercises involving our state-of-the-art market simulator. We have trained assessors will subjectively assess each candidate during each simulation. These assessments can be based on Smart Global's standardised metrics or your own preferred internal metrics.

At the end of each day the subjective assessments are combined with the data output from the simulations to give an overall impression of each candidate's commercial potential, and a report is supplied to the client.

There are many options for these days and they can be tailored to your exact needs. To learn more and discuss your requirements please contact us on the form below.


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