Smart Market Simulator
Empowering your training and assessment

The Smart Market Simulator is a fully-featured online physical commodity market simulator that incorporates all the attributes needed to educate and assess but without technical complexity

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Connect with participants around the world

The simulator is a 100% cloud-based service, no installations, plugins or IT configuration required. All users need is an internet connection and a device with a modern web browser. Your participants and users can interact from all over the world.

Simulator Features

A flexible and highly capable tool

Developed and refined over a number of years to support a wide range of use cases across the commodity industries

Trading Features
  • Futures Markets
  • Physical Trading
  • Swaps
  • Storage
  • Freight
  • Arbitrage
  • Blending
  • Geographic spreads
  • Time spreads
  • Cross market spreads
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Instant Messenger
  • Charting capability
General Features
  • Professional exposure tracking system
  • Real-time engine for pricing, deals and news feed
  • Intuitive deal tracking with filtering capability
  • Works with single or multi-screen computers or tablets
  • All simulations may be played as individuals or in teams
  • Automated scripted deals supported
  • Users can participate from multiple locations
  • Support for Chinese character set
  • Touch-friendly interface
Adminstrative Features
  • Intuitive interface that requires minimal training to use
  • Adjust difficulty in real-time
  • Instant access to performance data
  • Full deal reconciliation and editing
  • Support for brokered markets in physical simulations
  • Monitor participants' actions and performance in real-time
  • In-system tooling for easily creating and editing simulations
  • Simulations can be exported or imported as excel files
Documentation and Support
  • In-system written documentation
  • Comprehensive online video course for admins
  • Unbranded tutorial videos for participants
  • Live video-call-based training and support

Using the simulator for assessment

Performance data can be viewed and/or exported immediately after each simulation and combined with subjective assessor observations. Assessment reports can then be produced by your preferred method outside of the simulator.

For over 10 years Smart Global have been assessing commercial talent within the energy industry. A sample extract of some of the ways Smart Global present our assessment data is shown in the graphics below.

Data Security

Private and Secure

Designed with a "privacy first" approach, the simulator adheres to all the latest best practices and technologies for privacy and data security

Security Features
  • Encrypted transport to server
  • Fully anonymised workflow available
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for administrative users
  • No performance data persisted between simulations
  • No usage tracking of the simulator by Smart Global
  • Each simulator is a dedicated and wholly seperate system


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