It has been our experience at Smart Global over a number of years now that engaging an ‘expert’ with extensive practical experience of the subject matter is very powerful versus using a theorist, academic or even non practising lawyer as is commonplace. The production of a very strong initial Expert Witness report often saves the need to pursue the claim further into the more costly hearing stages.

At Smart Global we have a range of experts who have a current and practical knowledge of a variety of areas including oil and gas trading and cargo valuation through to operations and demurrage. Our risk team also regularly participate and provide opinion in complex risk and risk reporting claims. All of our experts have been involved with previous cases from report stage all the way to formal proceedings.

Whilst we are well engaged with several London and US lawyers, we understand that it is often difficult for claimants to identify experts suitable for their claim. We would be delighted to discuss any requirements that your company might have.

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